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My Dear Sweet Anthony

October 19, 2011

A couple weeks back, DJ Bedhead and I went to SF for  a short weekend getaway. We got a bit stir-crazy from being in L.A. for weeks on end. Too much traffic for us ambulophiliacs.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with such gracious and welcoming hospitality by DJ Bedhead’s cousins. On top of picking us up from SFO with their hip zip car and allowing us to take shelter at their place for the weekend, they gifted us with THE BEST WELCOMING treats ever. An entire box full of cookies!!

Anthony’s Cookies. Voted best cookies in SF by a bunch of foodies and fellow cookie monsters. Yelpers rank them pretty highly as well. My favorite was the classic chocolate chip cookie. The cookies & cream was a close match!

If any of you find yourself in San Francisco, stop by Anthony’s Bakery for a dozen cookies. Trust me, you’ll want the whole dozen.

P.S. Sorry the photo came out blurry – we were in a moving car and I had to take a quick photo before we all started killing it. :)


why oh why

October 18, 2011

why oh why

Under Pressure

October 12, 2011

It’s amazing how much pressure you can put yourself under. Stress really does come from within — it’s a state of mind, and it’s a state I’ve been a resident of for the past couple months with this blog.

Yes, it is only a blog afterall; a newbie one at that. However, I had so many plans set up for it. I had these huge dreams and timelines and a whole desktop full of pre-written posts and 6 months of content.

So I wonder, how did I get from that…to this? I got too involved with the details. I became an unproductive perfectionist. If it was not perfect, to the way I wanted it, I couldn’t keep doing it. Some days I would log on and hate the design. Other days, I would look at my camera phone-captured photos and wonder why I even bothered taking them. Everything I pictured in my mind, where coding and html did not exist, was completely different from what reality ended up looking like. It became a deathly combination of high expectations, lack of patience and caring too much about what other people thought.

That’s why my blog came to a halt and I just….couldn’t….keep…posting. It was a struggle. That’s why I left for a while. Not with the goal to just get away but to get away with the purpose of renewal. I needed time and distance to let go all of the negative thoughts, expectations, the pressure.

So yeah, out with the old and in with the new. No step-by-step plans here. Just cookies.

Nuthin But a G Thang

August 31, 2011
In my natural habitat, doing what I do best


DJ Bedhead and I went to the Pacific Festival highly anticipating Snoop and Cut Copy, but sadly, their performances did not really live up to my expectations.
We did end up delighting in some other things though!

1) Bag Raiders – I always feel like I discovered a bundle of treasure whenever I get to experience an amazing live performance!

2) Dancing in the grass with bare feet in midsummer’s night. It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.

3) Cool Haus! It had been around two years since I last ate a Cool Haus ice cream sandwich. And I love ice cream sandwiches. AND it was super hot. Let’s just say I was very happy camper while devouring the genius combination of maple chocolate ship cookie and browned butter bacon ice cream. YUM. I didn’t even bother to stop and take photos of it. I grabbed and I gobbled it up with selfish abandon. Cookie monsters represent.

When I’m on the mic, it’s like a cookie, they all crumble


I forget how much they were but they were definitely worth it. Looks like they’re opening up a brick & mortar in Culver City!


More cookies? Yay!

Uhhh….Where Have I Been?

August 30, 2011

I totally, 100%, super successfully committed the one shameful act I tried so hard not to do. I fell off the face of the earth. In this case, earth = my new cookie blog. At one point in my life, this blog was my world and I breathed, dreamt and ate millionsofmorsels 24/7.

Alas! I really have not had the mental capacity to comprehensively type a blog post or even post a picture or two in the past several weeks.

You see, I have this masochistic habit of taking on more than I can chew. So imagine me trying to eat an entire Thanksgiving dinner in one sitting. Yeah, that’s how I get with life. Because it’s just that exciting!! I whole-heartedly mean it. I’m not being sarcastic. I really do get so fascinated by life that I just want to do everything as soon as possible. And oh, do I try.

Then comes a point, maybe midway through my 5th plate of turkey smothered in gravy and cranberry sauce and creamed corn and stuffing (continuing on with my metaphor, btw), where despite my eagerness to try to eat everything in one bite, I just HAVE to start breathing and just focus on chewing slowly. And it also means having to sometimes put a dish or two aside.

Okay, confused yet? Yeah, I’ll stop with the metaphors. I was even starting to get a bit confused myself. Hungry, too.

Anyway, simply put, I got super busy putting in extra hours at my full time job, working even more crazy hours for two nonprofits on my “free time” (yeah, what free time??), training for a half marathon — all the while trying to stay in tune with my  long-term goals, spend some quality time with my loved ones, try a few new things (I bouldered for the first time!) and save some alone-time to keep sane (and to get my laundry done)***.

I am learning. I’m getting better at saying no to things and at focusing my attention on what I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do. And what I really really really want to do right now is eat a mutherfudging cookie.

***Some other things I’ve done?

– Ate a Chick-fil-A sandwich for the first time!

– Went to a fancy schmancy bra-fitting event and found out my real bra size. I got free ice cream, a free bra and a free fondling. Whoo hoo. Just kidding about the last part.

– Made a speech on a stage about how awesome volunteering is for personal, professional and community growth. I get so nervous when I’m in the spotlight, but I know it will only make me stronger. (Masochistic much?)

– Sat in a room full of youtube stars for 12 hours, while probably annoying the heck out of people on FB, tweeting/fbing every 5 minutes. We were hosting a web-a-thon to get votes for a certain nonprofit. I got my 30 seconds of fame on Ustream. :D

– Ate a 5 lb. burrito.

– Saw Snoop & Cut Copy live.

– Collected $700+ worth of school supplies and monetary donations for low-income family kids.

– Had a lovely Mad Men-inspired dinner hosted by Miss Gastrophoria.

The Fabulous Duo

August 16, 2011

Before going off to the exotic lands for the weekend, I went to Venice to send off a very dear friend of mine who is moving away for law school (it’s not goodbye, it’s see ya later!). We all sat on the beautiful, camp-like roof top in Venice, ate burgers and marshmallows around the fire pit and enjoyed each other’s company under the starless Southern California sky.

During this special au revoir party, Cookies & Milk made an appearance! It was unlike any duo I had seen before, however.

Cookies, from Hawaii, was naturally adorned with white chocolate and macadamia nuts. She was accompanied by the very well-dressed Milk, who was older than most Milks I had ever encountered.

Let me just say, they made quite the fabulous pair. And I wouldn’t mind seeing them again soon. :)

According to my friend who graciously brought the fabulous duo, you can get the milk at Costco stores. If you’re 21 or over.

Vacation to…OC??

August 12, 2011

Eek!!! It’s Friday…almost Saturday! I’m super excited for the weekend. It’s been a while since I’ve got to really let loose and play. It’s also been quite some time since I’ve had time and energy to go on an adventure with my favorite resident DJ.

We gunna go domestic and head to Orange County for the weekend.

We’ll go to Pacific Festival, hang out at Irvine Spectrum, get some overdue running in and go to the OC Fair! It shall be my first time at a fair. It’s not that I had a depraved childhood or anything, the opportunity just never came up. Anyway, I am THRILLED. Cow milking demonstrations and ice sculpting? Sign me up! NOW. :D I’m also excited to try funnel cake for the first time. I’ll definitely keep my eyes peeled for fair cookies! I wonder if they deep fry those, too.

I’ll report back when I get back. I have a lot of cookie stories to share!! Here’s a peek at one of them!

Have a great weekend!