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Cookie Monster of the Month // Andrew Figueroa Chiang

August 7, 2011
Lately, I’ve been finding myself humming this song while I feast on my plethora of cookies.

So it is only appropriate that I highlight the talented voice and mastermind behind this song as this month’s Cookie Monster of the Month.

Meet Andrew of Andrew Figueroa Chiang and the Blazing Rays of the Sun!

I’ve had the privilege of knowing this handsome fellow since college. And throughout the years, I’ve discovered that we have some cool things in common.

1) We are both January babies.

2) Both our last names end in Ch. Ch for Champions.

3) According to lastfm, our music compatibility is beyond high. It is SUPER. In caps. Yeah, it’s been like 2 years since I’ve last logged into lastfm and I think it’s the same case with him. But still. He likes Stevie Wonder and Billie Holiday. Case closed. We are super.

4)  Last but certainly not the least, he shares my intense love for cookies. We are cookie monsters to the max. I even lugged like 3 pounds of cookies from NY for this fellow monster. And even though I ate 2 pounds of it and then gave him the remaining pound a week later in semi-stale state, he still ate them. And I think he really enjoyed them, too. Like a fine cookie monster would.

This is the most normal photo I could find of us together.

I always knew Andrew loves cookies. But it wasn’t until recently, while working on this blog, did I ever think to ask him about what kind of cookies he likes. So I asked him.

He replied:

“If I said ALL, it would not be a lie.  Also, the giant one you got me from NY back in the day was pretty amazing (I’m still eating away at it).  [ha! he still remembers. :)] I enjoy myself a nice chewy cookie. Freshly baked for best results! Something that pairs well with a tall glass of nonfat milk (or absinthe).

Ingredients aren’t as big of an issue because I appreciate all members of the standard cookie fare and am more than willing to try new ones. Ratio of cookie to ingredient is a factor to be considered — sometimes the ingredient overpowers the dough, methinks. This phenomenon often occurs in Chocolate Chip cookies of the Kirkland Signature and Pepperidge Farm variety…
I’m a bigger fan of something more on the homemade end of the spectrum, but I do indulge in & enjoy mass-produced cookies as much as the next guy/cookie monster. ” – Andrew Figueroa Chiang

Andrew fans, hope you took some notes!
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  1. August 8, 2011 6:23 pm

    That semi-stale pound of New York cookie magic was delightful. Also, cookies are the breakfast of ch-ch-champions. Also also, your blog is so TASTY!

    :) See you soon, Yulree Morsels.

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